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The Human Resources Organization is a full-service Human Resources provider and a leader in flexible HR solutions. We provide a full range of Insurance Services including Life, Health, STD, LTD, AD&D, Long Term Care. We offer excellent programs in our Commercial and Personal lines business. Our Payroll Management services are focused on the most secure & efficient payment methods.

We partner with our Clients to ensure they benefit from the best-in-class support and service. We deliver results that are recognized Nationally and Internationally.

We will create an environment of harmony and equilibrium, where employees are productive and recognized for achievements enabling your Company to attain new heights of performance and success.

We deliver quality and value in a professional, efficient manner. Through experience, knowledge and understanding, our team delivers the results you need.

Why Partner with HRO?

HRO is a Business Solutions Company which provides excellence of service in all aspects of HR and Insurance. Our "Client First" philosophy and our "Value Proposition" ensures that you receive the best support possible. We work with Companies with 15 to 5000 employees, and each has a different set of strengths and needs. Our industry groups include Biotechnology, Financial Services, Engineering, Construction, Food Services, Transportation, Medical, Marketing & Advertising, and more. HRO welcomes the differences (vive la différence) and tailors every program to support your in house HR organization or provides a ready made HR Department for your Company, either on-call or on-site; depending on the Company size. HRO is a large family of Employees and Clients where Clients often successfully conduct business with other HRO Clients. We encourage the success of all our Clients and help develop business relationships through business networking within our Client group.

Client First

"Client First" is more than just a catch phrase at HRO. It is a philosophy that all employees live every day. Our employees focus on your needs, understanding your business, and giving you excellent advice and providing solutions to your HR, Insurance and Payroll needs. Our staff utilize "Critical Thinking Skills" in the support of your Human Resources, Insurance and Payroll needs.

Value Proposition

HRO delivers a Fortune 100 Business Service to our Clients at a fraction of the cost. We have a comprehensive program which includes all the traditional support areas provided by HR, in addition to a comprehensive range of Insurance products. Our "Client First" philosophy ensures that your needs are met and that you are not billed for services which you do not need or sold insurance products which are not necessary or appropriate for your Company. Our focus on Technology, Data Security and our "Carbon Footprint" ensures that we maximize technology on a secure platform and minimize the need for paper reporting. We are a Business Services Company that believes that Excellent Service and Value must go hand in hand. Our minimum standard is to exceed your expectations and to develop long term business relationships. The success of our Company has been based on the dedication and professionalism of our Staff and the excellent Clients that we are privileged to support. As part of the HRO family, you will receive great support provided by dedicated professionals who have a passion for excellence.

Our Environment

HRO is committed to helping in the protection of our environment.

All our Offices are dedicated to minimizing the use of paper and other consumables; which are necessary in the course of conducting our business.

We focus on avoiding use (for example we do not use disposable plates, cups or silverware)
or re-using consumable products where possible.

We provide quality re-usable shopping bags and water bottles to our clients and their employees.

We encourage all our Clients to establish recycling campaigns in their business and we have incentives for Clients who implement environmental protection programs.

The Earth’s resources are FINITE and a GIFT which we need to manage carefully.
Every little bit helps!

Data Security

Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to protect confidential employee data. HRO is at the forefront of Data Security and Protection. HRO has a Data Security and Protection Program which is far more demanding than Federal and State regulation. HRO encrypts personal identification data and implements stringent security regulations in relation to access, usage and disposal of data.

View our Data Security Certificate (PDF) learn more

HRO offers a comprehensive Data Security Auditing Program to Clients and has developed a partnership with Minuteman Governance to bring your Company the expertise you need to ensure the best possible Data Security at your Organization.

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